The YB Goes Camping, Part 1

I love the outdoors and I loooove camping. From being away from all email and cell phone service, to exploring hidden trails and observing wildlife-I love it. While the government shutdown this week derailed our plans to visit Joshua Tree this weekend, we were able to secure another campsite in Idyllwild and I cannot wait to be huddled around a fire under the stars with friends!

So, I spent some time reflecting on my last camping trip over Labor Day weekend to Sequoia. A last minute, unplanned trip to one of the busiest national parks on a holiday weekend was risky, but we went and it was nothing less than incredible!

Paul challenged me to plan all of our food, meaning no meat and seriously limiting anything with animal products-no dairy or eggs. Night one I made a bell pepper and portabella mushroom sauté. I used a raw ginger dressing that I picked up from whole foods, added two tablespoons of water (which evaporated shortly after), oregano, salt, pepper and garlic. With a pot of rice and black beans, we added this to some corn tortillas from Trader Joe’s and rolled them up as little tacos.


Night two I wanted to experiment with lentils. Lentils are widely known in the vegetarian and vegan world as a great nutritional staple in one’s diet. Helping to stabilize blood sugar after a meal, lentils are packed with fiber, iron and even some protein. Proves to show, protein is not just found in meat!

I cooked the lentils with just enough water to cover them in a pot. After some of the water evaporated, I added 1 small can of tomato sauce and 1 small can of sliced black olives. Spiced it with pepper, oregano and garlic and let it cook for 20 minutes, constantly stirring. I also sautéed some kale which was a nice color addition to this meal.


Breakfast was a mixed oatmeal of traditional oats and steel-cut oats with fruit and honey. I love steel-cut oats for the chewiness and texture. Cooked with water and some rice milk, I also threw in some honey, raisins, sliced bananas and raspberries for a visually appealing one pot breakfast!



Eating yummy foods is totally possible camping. I’m so excited to do it again this weekend!






xoxo -The Yummy Bunny.


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