TYB goes Vegan

About three months ago I had honestly lost the joy of cooking and eating (gasp!) I had tons of stomach issues that were making me so sad. On two occasions, I walked down the supermarket aisles in tears not knowing what I could eat-everything made me sick. I started doing my research on various foods that may be hurting my stomach. A night in with my dog led me to Netflix to watch the documentary Vegucated. That documentary propelled me to do lots more research about our nation’s food industry-animals and plants-and I was far from happy with my findings. I cut out all meat and fish out of my diet but I still wasn’t feeling like I wanted to, and still having tons of stomach issues. 

I spoke with a friend of mine who tried out being Vegan who connected me with a friend of hers who has been Vegan for years. She answered so many of my questions and helped me plan out what begin Vegan would look like for me. Throughout the month of September, I read a ton of research, tried new foods and methods of cooking and planned out what my “official trial month” of being Vegan would be. 


October turned out to be beautiful in so many ways. I found myself loving so many different foods, not missing meat or dairy at all and truly being more inventive with my cooking, spending time developing my knowledge of what real food taste like before it is radically processed and packaged into boxes and bags for sale. My stomach issues have dramatically decreased and I love cooking and eating again. Icing on the cake? In a month with minuscule exercise due to a knee injury, I lost 6 pounds! Needless to say, I feel better in a hundred different ways. 

I promised myself I would try being Vegan for one month and reflect. It has been so much easier than I thought and delicious! Biggest pieces of advice: 1) You are going to make mistakes, it is okay. Don’t get angry or down, just learn from it and move on. 2) ASK about ingredients. Unfortunately there are so many hidden ingredients in the food we eat.

I cannot wait to share all of these recipes and so many more!


Veggie Orzo


Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto


Powerhouse Veggie Salad with homemade “Mexican Goddess” Dressing


Curried Chickpeas


Wild Mushroom Risotto


Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies

Nobody could have told me that this is what I needed to do to feel better. I had to discover and understand it on my own. So the big question is, will I be Vegan for good? Yep! 🙂 Send great Vegan recipes my way please!

In health and yumminess, 

xoxo -The Yummy Bunny.


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