A Vegan Thanksgiving

This year I celebrated my first Vegan Thanksgiving. I remember talking about Thanksgiving with my mom a couple of months ago and being really sad about eating anything at all. I couldn’t even think about eating a tiny meal without getting sick. A whole Thanksgiving meal was completely out of the question. I spent the three weeks before Thanksgiving trying out various dishes, I was so pleased with the results and I knew Thanksgiving would be wonderful regardless of what was on my plate. It was one (if only one!) day to relax, not do any work and enjoy quality time with my family. 


Growing up, Thanksgiving was a day that I would spend in the kitchen cooking everything with my mom. It was times like this that led me to love cooking. Over the last few years, Thanksgiving has turned into a day that I spend in the kitchen with my mom and my little sous chef sister. Thankfully, this year was no different :). We Vegan-ized the stuffing, mashed potatoes and yams by adding Vegan butter, soy milk and vegetable broth. In addition to that, I made a big greens and kale salad which was probably my favorite thing on my plate. My sister and I added chopped kale, spinach, lettuce, finely shredded carrots, tomato, cranberries, sunflower seeds and candied pecans. Every bite was a surprise of deliciousness. 


When I thought about what I wanted to have that would make it a true Thanksgiving for me, I knew I needed to make Pecan Pie Vegan. It was not easy finding an enticing recipe, but with a few changes, I nailed it. These little bite sized babies are so delicious, with a perfect sweetness and consistency. Recipe and coconut whipped cream tutorial to follow soon!



This Thanksgiving, as cheesy as it sounds, I’m thankful that I can have a plate full of goodness in front of me that I can eat, make me feel good, and share this time with the people that are so incredibly important to me. With the holiday season now in full swing, I can get excited and anticipate a beautiful Christmas and start of 2014!


xoxo -The Yummy Bunny.


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