Lightning in a Bottle!

It is totally that time again…festival season! Music festivals hold a really special place in my heart-some of the best memories I have from the last few years of my life are from these weekend getaways. 

When one of my best friends told me about her journey to Lightning in a Bottle last year, it sounded like perfection. Camping, yoga and music? It had my name all over it and before I knew it they had a ticket with my name on it. This huge gift ended up being what I believe will be a turning point in my life (for the better!)


SPIRITUALITY. Spirituality in the sense of turning my gaze inwards for deep reflection and development. Lightning in a Bottle is totally unlike any other festival I’ve been to. The energy and feeling throughout the festival is truly unique and even three weeks later, I find myself channeling the feelings and thoughts from the weekend to re-center and ground my ever busy life. Capturing the beauty and magic of this festival was my primary focus throughout the weekend-bottling it-and bringing it back home. The calm of camping for three days, welcomed lack of cell phone service, the power of meditation and finding comfort in simplicity needs to be brought back to a world that pushes people to lead hectic lives that place far too much value on insignificant things. I push myself daily to not get so worked up about things and focus on the beauty in the world. 

LEARNING. I spent the day engaging with people from so many walks of life. Who doesn’t love a beautiful yoga session followed by an all-out dance party before noon, a cooking class or two, a sound bath and wrapping up the day with some groovy music?

IMG_0033 IMG_4660IMG_4651 IMG_4729 IMG_4639   IMG_5436 IMG_4734

Yoga from sunrise to sunset, Brother Echo talking about blending foods for health and wellness, Tanya Petrovna, founder of Native Foods teaches how to make seitan, Ayurvedic cooking class makes kitchery. 

FOOD. LIB is a pescatarian festival and there were tons and tons of vegan options!

IMG_4698 IMG_4685  IMG_4700 IMG_4684 IMG_4699 IMG_4669 IMG_4717

Raw Pad Thai that was ridiculously good, the biggest burrito I’ve ever had, acai bowl and chai, samosas and salad. 


IMG_4823 IMG_4775 IMG_4746 IMG_0059 IMG_4655 IMG_4648 IMG_4760

I’ve never really believed it when people say something like this can change your life but it totally has and I am forever grateful for the people that I shared this experience with and for making it possible for me to engage. There is something magical in this space that I only found it because I was so open and hungry for it. Deep inner reflection and finding beauty in small things has helped me to live more purposefully in all of my daily activities. I’m really looking forward to this summer to “clean” up my life-physically and spiritually, continuing on this journey. 

CREATE. Find the things you love, make the life you want to live-then THRIVE. 


IMG_0072 IMG_4708

Schedule from this past year’s LIB –>

xoxo -The Yummy Bunny

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Grand Cayman Adventures!

Cayman Cat

Just take it easy mon…

Even though it has been a full three months since returning from Grand Cayman, I still get super giddy thinking about it or looking at pictures. I get this nervous, overly-excited anxiety that burns through my body and I just can’t wait to go back. It is such a wonderful place to go!


I have been blessed to have celebrated the last two new years in Grand Cayman. Summer has always been my favorite season so getting a nice week long dose of it in December/January is always welcomed. I was a bit nervous being away from home for more than a couple of days, with this being my first vegan vacation. With the thoughtful, considerate and wonderful hosts to help and lots of questions, I was pleasantly surprised! Grand Cayman is boppin’ with some awesome vegan options. Lots of super fresh fruits and veggies here. 



We even found the cutest little vegan restaurant- Bread & Chocolate! (Check it out on TripAdvisor!)


Island Bowl-spicy jerk tofu, greens and veggies, plantains, guacamole, beans and rice

IMG_1136 IMG_1135 IMG_1141

It is hard to visit Grand Cayman and not go scuba diving. We completed our certification here last year and we are totally spoiled-warm, clear water and so much to see. There are so many wonderful sites to dive!

  Scuba B Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 9.11.08 PM DCIM100GOPRO Scuba Fish Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 9.15.52 PM

This was definitely the highlight of the trip for me- I swam with a turtle! ❤ ❤ ❤

Scuba Turtle B* Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 9.18.52 PM

While these beautiful creatures below look super calm in this photo, they were quite the surprise when we were driving and turned the corner to see them running in the road! Regardless, I had a quick second to see how awesome they are so close up. Island cows! 


Here’s the link to an AWESOME little video that my lovie put together using his new GoPro. Check it out –> 

Until the next adventure!

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5 Thoughts for 2014!

Happy New Year friends! Coming back to reality after a fantastic, relaxing, sun-kissed 8 days in Grand Cayman has been really difficult but I finally feel like I am back into the daily grind. Doesn’t hurt that it has been a constant 75-85 degrees in LA over the last couple of weeks. I do miss my scarves and boots, but I shouldn’t complain!

I have had some time to think about what I want to accomplish this year, and while I always stay clear from new year resolutions, I am happy to create goals for myself for the year. They help me to stay focused and drive my personal growth and well-being, allowing myself to actually quantify that growth. Here they are for 2014!


1. Learn Spanish (for real) and be conversational. I have already mentioned this to many and I am absolutely serious about this. I have taken a total of 8 years of Spanish in both a high school and college classroom and at this point it is ridiculous that I am not fluent. So, 2014 is the year. I am personally committing to starting off one day a week is Spanish only. I hope to let this cultural knowledge seep into my culinary endeavors too and experiment with more latin spices and flavors. Si!


2. Blog more! It is kind of funny how many pictures I take of food and food-related adventures but I don’t spend enough time sitting down to actually write and share the experiences I have. There are so many wonderful recipes and things that I want to share and I want to push myself to post once a week, at least!


3. Explore LA food and try new restaurants. I have heard so many people say “Wow you are so lucky you live in LA and have so many incredible vegan food options!” Yes, there are so many and I haven’t explored them! This needs to change. Since I don’t go out to eat that often, I usually get stuck in going to the same places. Going to new restaurants also helps me think of new recipes to try in the kitchen. So, I’d like to push myself to make a list and start going to these new restaurants. I hope to share the wonderful dishes and good times here!


4. RUN! The latter part of 2013 put working out and being active on hold with a knee injury and so many stomach problems. Now that I feel pretty amazing with the food I am eating, I am looking forward to making this the priority that it has been for the last several years. I am starting with a 10k in February and hope to work up to another half marathon by the end of the year. Slow and steady!


5. Continue learning and follow through. I always say I am a forever student and I actually always seek out learning opportunities, but I need to focus those experiences. I have so many wonderful books on cooking, teaching and life. I want to actually finish them and then plan how to implement the things I learn from these books. That starts with me putting even more time aside for reading, which I am absolutely happy with. 🙂

Needless to say, I am so excited for what this year has to bring and looking forward to sharing it!

xoxo -The Yummy Bunny

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